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Supported Commands

Redis Data Source supports core Redis, Custom and Redis Modules commands.

Redis (Hashes, Sets, Lists, Strings, Streams, etc.)

Command Description
CLIENT LIST Returns information and statistics about the client connections server
CLUSTER INFO Provides INFO style information about Redis Cluster vital parameters
CLUSTER NODES Provides current cluster configuration, given by the set of known nodes
GET Returns the value of key
HGET Returns the value associated with field in the hash stored at key
HGETALL Returns all fields and values of the hash stored at key
HKEYS Returns all field names in the hash stored at key
HLEN Returns the number of fields contained in the hash stored at key
HMGET Returns the values associated with the specified fields in the hash stored at key
INFO Returns information and statistics about the server
LLEN Returns the length of the list stored at key
SCARD Returns the set cardinality (number of elements) of the set stored at key
SLOWLOG Returns the Redis slow queries log
SMEMBERS Returns all the members of the set value stored at key
TTL Returns the remaining time to live of a key that has a timeout
TYPE Returns the string representation of the type of the value stored at key
XINFO Introspection command used in order to retrieve different information about the streams and associated consumer groups
XLEN Returns the number of entries inside a stream
XRANGE Returns the stream entries matching a given range of IDs
XREVRANGE Returns the stream entries matching a given range of IDs in reverse order
ZRANGE Returns the specified range of elements in the sorted set stored at key


Command Description
TMSCAN Returns keys with types and memory usage


RedisGears is a serverless engine for transaction, batch and event-driven data processing in Redis.

Command Description
RG.DUMPREGISTRATIONS Outputs the list of function registrations
RG.PYDUMPREQS Returns a list of all the python requirements available
RG.PYEXECUTE Executes a Python function
RG.PYSTATS Returns memory usage statistics from the Python interpreter


RedisGraph is the first queryable Property Graph database to use sparse matrices to represent the adjacency matrix in graphs and linear algebra to query the graph.

Command Description
GRAPH.CONFIG Retrieves or updates a RedisGraph configuration
GRAPH.EXPLAIN Constructs a query execution plan but does not run it
GRAPH.PROFILE Executes a query and produces an execution plan augmented with metrics for each operation's execution
GRAPH.QUERY Executes the given query against a specified graph
GRAPH.SLOWLOG Returns a list containing up to 10 of the slowest queries issued against the given graph ID


RedisJSON is a Redis Module adding a JSON data type for Redis.

Command Description
JSON.ARRLEN Return the length of the JSON Array at path in key
JSON.GET Return the value at path in JSON serialized form
JSON.OBJKEYS Return the keys in the object that's referenced by path
JSON.OBJLEN Return the number of keys in the JSON Object at path in key
JSON.TYPE Return the type of JSON value at path


RediSearch is a source available Secondary Index, Query Engine and Full-Text Search over Redis.

Command Description
FT.INFO Returns information and statistics on the index


RedisTimeSeries is a Redis Module adding a Time Series data structure to Redis.

Command Description
TS.GET Returns the last sample
TS.INFO Returns information and statistics on the time-series
TS.MGET Returns the last samples matching the specific filter
TS.MRANGE Query a timestamp range across multiple time-series by filters
TS.QUERYINDEX Query all the keys matching the filter list
TS.RANGE Query a range
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